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Pre-school Age Martial Arts classes teach your child the importance of self-defense, coordination, and self-control. Enroll your children in our classes and discover the benefits of our children’s programs that include improved concentration, self-esteem and physical fitness.


J Tiger Martial arts believes that every child is born with unique abilities. Learning Pre-school Martial Arts is an opportunity for your children to enhance those abilities. Values like discipline, respect and optimism can be nurtured. This unique environment that allows your child to work in a group as well as offering the opportunity to work on individual skill sets. Every class they can feel good about their efforts. The classes are taught with a positive attitude and enthusiasm. Moreover, martial arts classes are a great way to keep your child fit and offers a lifetime of benefits.


The instructors at J Tiger Martial Arts understand the unique challenges of teaching preschool and kindergarten age children. Our Little Tigers instructors will keep your child excited to come to class every time.


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At our school your child will receive personal step-by-step instruction from our patient and friendly staff.

  • Beginners are always welcome – no prior experience is necessary.

  • We offer a Trial Program that includes everything you need to get started.

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