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In our B4 school program, we will help your children prepare their mind and school materials for another important school day, and make sure if the homework is done or they finished their breakfast.



In our After school program, we will pick up your child from their school and bring them to our school.

The staff at J Tiger Martial Arts understands that an after school program must be operated efficiently, with good supervision and fun and productive activities.

We strive to provide 3 main things in our after school program:

  1. Provide a safe environment

  2. Improve academic achievements

  3. Involvement in supervised constructive activities including their Taekwondo classes.

Contact us to find out more about our Before and After School Care.

(540) 898-0087


Not just exercise, but gives attention to academic improvements and other activities? We have the perfect solution here!!

  • Our teachers are back ground checked and educationally focused.

  • Our program is very balanced, with focus on both mind and body.
  • Our school program provides caring guidance and will help your child excel.
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